You spent a lot of time and energy (not to mention hard-earned money) to give your Gold Coast home or business a stylish look. So now that it’s time to think about adding fencing, gates and screens, you want those items to continue your beautiful theme – not detract from it. That’s where Addstyle Fencing can help…

At Addstyle Fencing we don’t just put up a fence. We add Style, too. In fact, we specialise in customisation so every home or business is unique – special. Whether you’re after driveway/walkway gates that lock and unlock automatically, electronically or by latch; if your yard is all garden or includes a pool’ if your building is a traditional Queenslander or more contemporary, we can help you customise your Gold Coast gate and fencing needs to match the existing style. Even the window screens can be designed to either stand out or blend into the exterior – and we can modernise them for you too.

Fencing is an enduring part of your property and the decisions you make about it at the beginning will be with you for a long time. Addstyle Fencing has years of experience helping Gold Coast property owners make the best decisions – and we’ve a gallery of photos and stacks of testimonials from successful projects and satisfied clients for you to peruse at your leisure.

But for now, just know that if you’re on the Gold Coast and looking for fencing (aluminium or glass) for either business or residence, you’ve come to the right place.

Addstyle Fencing has helped shape the look of the Gold Coast from residential to commercial in fencing yards to pools to car parks, to creating window shades both louvered and slatted, to the erection of aluminium and steel balustrades on mining sites.

With all that experience and talent tucked into one Gold Coast Fencing company you can’t possibly go wrong! Addstyle Fencing – call us today!